What is CUPAL?

CUPAL consists of a plating of copper (plating metal) on aluminium (base Metal), both metals being welded together to an inseparabel whole by a mechanical special process.

CUPAL is not therefore an alloy an interesting bimetal with multiple uses within the group of non-ferrous metals.

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CUPAL sums up the advantages of light metals – low specific weight (hence lesser deadweight) – easy forming, etc. together with the advantages of copper in corrosion-proof, galvanizing and tinning abilities, electrical properties, etc.


Chemically and mechanically, the copper and aluminium surfaces react as pure copper and pure aluminium respectively. CUPAL permits a corrosion-proof bond between heavy and light metal conductors.

Good Thermal Conductivity

CUPAL has specially good heat conductivity. The electrical conductivity of CUPAL is excellent and compares in high frequency with pure copper. The contact values are even better than in the case of pure copper.

Easy to Process

CUPAL sheets can easily stand cold drawing, light an d deep stamping, bending, folding, riveting, etc. and also can be galvanised or tinned as pure copper, with a special and simple process to protact the cross-cuts against corrosion.

Worldwide Delivery

We also ship CUPAL in small quantities and pre-cut your order on request.


CUPAL is specially recommended in the electro-technique field when a binding element between light and heavy conductors is required; as conducting material in all ranges of high and low power as well as for high frequency current; for mechanical machinery, containers and for the wide field of metalware: such as quality and luxury articles of high crafts-manship.


Request an individual product

We offer you a complete cutting service (eg blanks, strips, etc).
Minimum quantity: from a panel (500×2000 mm)

Further information is available upon request.

Cupal We offer you a complete cutting service (eg blanks, strips, etc)
Cupal We offer you a complete cutting service (eg blanks, strips, etc)
Cupal We offer you a complete cutting service (eg blanks, strips, etc)

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